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The what

DayOne's a dedicated banking service.

That didn't say much, right?

DayOne's here to support your dream. To give you the (financial) means to kick-start your startup — because we all need to start somewhere, right?

If your company's growing faster than you predicted, you're in the right place. But first: congratulations! Having the guts to chase dreams isn't for everyone…

And that's also why DayOne exists. To support your global expansion in a secure way, so that you don't depend on your own funds only.

Let's chase that dream together.

For whom

  • Tech businesses

    That assume their own product development and intellectual property — mainly in the life science and hardware sectors.

  • Innovative businesses

    Especially online and software companies operating globally, with a scalable business model.

  • Investors

    Focused on companies in their initial stages, mainly business angels, venture capital and corporates.

Our mission's
your growth

To do the follow-up. Yours.

To accompany you every step of the way. We monitor and select the best startups to enter the program.

The Partnerships and Startups

A strict institutional relationship with National Innovation Agency, co-trustee of Prémios Empreendedor XXI, also with FintechHouse.

The offer

To support your dreams and ideas.

By joining DayOne, you automatically get 1 of our most advantageous bank accounts. This gives you perks you can't easily find elsewhere. Explore them and pick yours.

The winners

  1. Fidufoods

    6th Edition


  2. LUGGit

    6th Edition


  3. Pixel Voltaic

    5th Edition


  4. Virtuleap

    5th Edition


The program

  • Financial Advisor

    Creativity and rapid global growth mean that your financial needs can get complicated. DayOne's financial advisors are aware of the industry realities, and guide their clients through the various growth stages.

  • Global network

    We develop relationships with leading players and stakeholders in numerous innovation hubs worldwide. We guide and provide our clients with access to these hubs in their global development.

  • DayOneHub (All-in-One)

    DayOneHub's a meeting point for talent and capital (in Lisbon). Through small-scale, invitation-only events, we regularly put our clients in touch with value-adding partners.

  • Entrepreneurship Programs

    We foster technology-based entrepreneurship through the EmprendeXXI Awards — and related initiatives, such as the DayOne Innovation Summits, DayOne Open Innovation Programs, Investor Day and AlumniXXI (the community of past winning companies at the EmprendeXXI Awards). There's also the national Innovation Award and the COTEC Innovative Status.

The reason why

Choosing BPI means taking a step forward.

Supporting everything by yourself might be a mistake. We've gathered the tools and did the hard work so you only focus on what matters: the strategies to make your business grow.

But, if you need more convincing, check out our main distinctions:

  • Prémio -Melhor Private Banking em Portugal pela Euromoney
  • 580x394_PWM-selo_site
  • Banco do Ano em Portugal
  • Melhor Banco em Portugal
  • Prémio Nacional de Sustentabilidade
  • Prémio 5 Estrelas
  • Selo Marca de Confiança 2023 Banco BPI.
  • Melhor Private Banking em Portugal
  • Melhor Private Banking Europeu em Digital Portfolio Management
  • Melhor Treasury and Cash Management Provider em Portugal
  • Marca de Excelência em Portugal 2022
  • Banco com melhor Reputação em Portugal
  • Best Reuptation as an Employer
  • Melhor APP de negociação em bolsa

These Awards are the sole responsibility of the entities that have awarded them.

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