Strategic Plan 2022-24

BPI approved its Strategic Plan for 2022-24, focused on quality of service, on business growth and on the achievement of ESG (environmental-social-governance) goals, being fully aware of the challenges and uncertainties of the current context.

The three strategic lines are:

Evolve the customer service model

  • Be a reference in quality of service;
  • Adjust the model of service to the needs of each customers’ segment;
  • Intensify the omnichannel experience and complete the digital transformation of the main Customer Journeys.

Increase and diversify revenues

  • Broaden the customer base;
  • Increase business through digital channels and commercial network;
  • Explore the potential of ecosystems in customers’ experiences. 

Be a reference in sustainable Banking

  • Support the sustainable transition of companies and of society;
  • Lead in social impact and promote social inclusion;
  • Lead in the best governance practices.

To leverage customer experience and boost the three strategic lines, several developments were planned in People, Technology and Processes. Specifically, the following components are highlighted:

With this Strategic Plan, BPI wants to keep being a reference in quality of service and to provide its customers with always better and distinctive experiences.

The support to society and people has always been part of BPI’s identity. In respect to social commitment, the Plan foresees for the 2022-2024 triennium an investment of BPI | Fundação ”la Caixa” of, at least, 120 million euros allowing social support to more than 200.000 people.

BPI’s mission to contribute to the financial wellbeing of customers and to the sustainable progress of society will be fulfilled, grounded in the values of quality, trust and commitment towards customers and employees.

BPI 2022-24: Grow more, grow better.